Well, the 28th of July, “Day of Great Consternation,” has passed.  The 29th of July, “Day of Deep Breaths and Great Relaxation,” is also in the rear-view mirror.  Today we celebrate the “Festival of Great Renewal of Strength and Effort.”  The i-tunes plays Whisperings Piano Solos quietly, “All Creatures of our God and King.”  The rain is finally falling in Nashville, ending the drought conditions, and causing the grass to turn a bit greener almost instantly.

Today we will speak with a number of buyers and sellers of real estate.  We will edit some house listings that are in the MLS right now.  We will advise a handful of sellers.  We will try to  cheer up a few sellers.  We will talk to some buyers about their “perfect-world” scenarios.  We will go over countless checklists to try to insure that things are “on-track” as they should be.  We will attend to our continuing effort and education regarding our “blog”, social media like FaceBook and Twitter, and our old friend, www.FSBO-GUY.com.

We will try to encourage as many as we can to let us assist them whenever the wish to buy or sell a home.

Then late this afternoon we will gather around the grill and cook the ceremonial hamburger.  Life is good.