OK, let’s face it.  The only reason I’m doing this is for the attention.  That’s what my mom always said.  Actually, THIS TIME, it is the case.  It’s all about hits.  And hits are traffic.  And traffic brings recognition and visibility.  All good in my line of work- Real Estate.  Capitalized.  Not everybody knows about my end of the Real Estate Spectrum.

I help people sell their own house.  In a way, that’s like saying I help people dock this ocean liner or land this 747.  There’s a good amount of iceberg under this iceberg.  It IS easy in some ways, but not always simple.  Some people are luckier than others.  But people can save a ton of commission if they are willing to do some the work themselves, and are willing to listen and take some instruction.

Find a good “Graduated Service Realtor” that you like and feel as though you can trust and work with.  Have them familiarize you with the overall picture, as well as the details and paperwork.  Make sure they will be there to help when you come up with questions, and if the Realtor seems OK to you, have them go ahead and put your house in the MLS.    Get your “Plan of Action” from him/her.  Get you checklists and homework assignments, and don’t wait too many days before you start on them.  I will go over a lot of this in much more detail in subsequent posts.

Good luck for now!  Get to work if you want it to happen.  Call me if you want to talk.  Yes, I am the Reasonable Realtor.   Don Martin, MARTIN PROPERTIES 973-8970 www.FSBO-GUY.com or “like” us at FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Martin-Properties/260187704028 Have a great day!